Because fly fishing targets species from small trout to large bill fish, it is difficult at best to actually build one set of vise jaws to cover it all. However, each and every Regal vise gives the tier a large range of hook size versatility in each tying head.

Most trout fishing requires hooks from size 22 to 3. It’s basic. The food sources are midges, may flies, caddis flies, stone flies and bait fish; which are fished both sub-surface and surface. These food sources almost never fall out of the range of hook sizes 22 to 3. In those rare circumstances where you may need to tie as small as size 32 or bigger than a size three streamer, we still have a Vise Head to do the job and meet the tying range.

On the other hand, big saltwater species require big baits; flies with hooks from 1/0 to 4/0 are not uncommon. The descriptions listed are intended to help you with your decision on which vise to purchase. As you diversify your fishing, you may want to consider purchasing an additional head to meet the challenges of tying the flies for your targeted quarry. Regal sells heads as a separate accessory to help accommodate you in your fly tying needs.

*The Infinity Material Clip is available for purchase separately.


Selecting the Right Vise Head


Regular Head

The Regular head has been the standard jaw and the workhorse of Regal fly tying equipment for many years. It fits hook sizes 22 to 1/0.

REGAL FLY TYING VISE - Traditional Head

Stainless Steel Head

The Stainless Steel Head is the smallest profile head in the Regal line of vise heads. The jaw is manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel that allows for machining the small profile yet maintains the durability expected in a Regal Vise. This jaw is versatile and accommodates hook sizes from 32 to 2 making it the trout fisherman’s dream vise.



Midge Head

The Midge head has been specially designed for tying small flies down to size32 and as big as size 6. The ergonomically designed forefront provides the tier the comfort of tying small flies but allows for tying traditional sized flies as well.



Big Game Head

Our most versatile head is specifically built to tie saltwater and large fresh water flies from tarpon to bill fish, pike, musky, salmon and bass. It can accommodate hook sizes from size 22 to 5/0, and features two hook grooves machined into one side of the jaw. It holds large hooks extremely secure yet allows for tying hooks as small as size 22. From tarpon to trout, this is one great vise!