Once a week or so we will add a new Fly Tying Video. Here at Regal Vise we have a fantastic group of Pro and Endorsed Fly Tyers who will share their favorite Fly Patterns and Techniques with you on this page. We will make an effort to feature a little bit of everything here. One week may be Saltwater, and the next a Dry Fly. Make sure and check back here or on our Facebook page to stay updated about new additions to our recipes and videos. We hope you enjoy these talented tyers and great patterns as much as we do!

Eric Stroup Ties Walt's Worm


Tim Flagler Ties a Bird of Prey Caddis



Kevin Hospodar Ties a Steelhead October Caddis



Eric Stroup Ties the B52



Eric Stroup Ties the J-Bug 2.0



Tim Flagler Ties a Holy Grail Caddis Emerger



Eric Stroup Ties Guide Fly #1



Matt Grobert ties a Puff Daddy Blue-Winged Olive



Tim Flagler Ties a Vanilla Iso Parachute



Tim Flagler Ties the Foam Beetle 2.0



Tim Flagler Ties aCinnamon Flying Ant

Tim Flagler Ties Brooks' Sprout Midge Emerger

Tim Flagler Ties the Squirrel and Herl Bugger

Matt Grobert Ties the Bighorn CDC X-Caddis

Tim Flagler Ties the Bully Bluegill Spider

Tim Flagler Ties Pat's Rubber Legs

Matt Grobert ties the Solomon Hairwing Caddis

Joe Calcavecchia ties his Striper Dragon

Chris Krueger's ties his Jig-ernaut Bass Fly

Philip Rowley ties a Bronzie

Matt Callies Ties the Firebird

Matt Callies Ties the Bass Buster

Tim Flagler Ties The BPS Spent Caddis

Tim Flagler Ties the Last Chance Cripple Hendrickson

John Collins Ties his Peacock March Brown Parachute

Matt Grobert ties the Allison Streamer

Matt Callies ties the Jigawockie

John Collins ties the Kaleidoscope Midge

Tim Flagler ties the Son of San Juan Worm

Tim Flagler ties a Euro Golden Stone

Philip Rowley ties a Peeping Caddis

Prince Nymph Jig

Tim Flagler ties the Clown Egg




Eric Stroup ties an Olive Nymph


Matt Grobert Ties the Ginger Quill


Eric Stroup Ties a Midge


Tim Flagler Ties the Poison Tung


Philip Rowley Ties the BB Micro Leech

Tim Flagler Ties the Griffith’s Gnat Emerger



John Collins Ties the Snowflake Sculpin



Tim Flagler Ties a Simple Midge Larva


Matt Grobert ties Matt's Buzzer


Juan Ramirez ties the Rogue Foam Golden Stone Fly


Juan Ramirez ties the The Dirty Johnny






Matt Grobert ties the Three Dollar Dip

Tim Flagler Ties The Jujubee Midge


Tim Flagler Ties The Son of Sexy Walt's


Richard Strolis ties The Rats Nest



Tim Flagler Ties the Ken Lockwood Streamer


Richard Strolis ties the Chinese Dragon Pike Streamer


Tim Flagler Ties a Hotspot Pheasant Tail Nymph



Matt Grobert Ties a Classic Dry Fly with Hackle Tip Wings


Tim Flagler Ties a Steelhead Nymph


Tim Flagler Demonstrates the Tuft and Tail


Tim Flagler Ties The Autumn Splendor



Tim Flagler Ties The Kintner Boy



Tim Flagler Ties a Shakey Bealy



Tim Flagler Ties a Dumb Bunny Streamer



Tim Flagler Ties a Chernobyl Ant

Matt Grobert Ties a Fur Ant

Matt Grobert Ties a Trico Parachute



Tim Flagler Ties a Light Cahill Parachute

Matt Grobert Ties A March Brown Emerger

Matt Grobert Ties Mercer's Missing Link

Matt Grobert Ties CDC Transitional Midge

Matt Grobert Ties The Smoke Jumper

Matt Grobert Ties The Thorax Style Sulphur Dun



Matt Grobert Ties The Dorato Hare's Ear



Matt Grobert Ties The Blue Winged Olive Quill Nymph



Matt Grobert Ties The Simple Snowshoe Emerger

Matt Grobert Ties The Spent Partridge Caddis



Matt Grobert Ties Mike's Honey Ant



Matt Grobert Ties The Cream Cahill Sparkle Dun



Rich Strolis Ties The Articulated Baitfish



Juan Ramirez Ties his Hollywood Hopper



Rich Strolis Ties The Groupie Sculpin



Matt Grobert Ties a Beadhead Phesant Tail Soft Hackle




Rich Strolis Ties His Hydro Larva




Rich Strollis Ties His Headbanger Sculpin



John Collins ties JCs Electric Caddis Pupa



Rich Strolis Ties a Sulphur CDC Loopwing Emerger




Joe Cordeiro ties the Multi-Feather Flatwing



Rich Strolis Ties The Dead Drift Crayfish




Rich Strolis Ties The Headcase Crayfish




Rich Strolis Ties The Shucked Up Emerger




Matt Grobert Ties The Isonychia Parachute



Rich Strolis ties the CCG Glass Sand Eel




Rich Strolis ties the Prince Nymph Jig




Rich Strolis ties the Brown Quill Jig Nymph




Joe Cordeiro ties a single wing Flatwing



The Cornutta Last Chance Cripple by John Kavanaugh



The HTA by John Kavanaugh




The Wing by Steve Silverio




Lawson Variant with Finn Jensen




Using Coneheads with the Regal Tube Fly Attachment by Finn Jensen



Eric Stroup Ties the "J-Bug"

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