This page is a quick guide to handling any issues you may experience with your REGAL VISE.

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Warranty Registration Form

We no longer require Warranty Registration Forms to be completed or sent in. We want to make things easy for our customers. Any issues you may encounter can be delt with by reading the Repair or warranty sections on this page.


LIMITED WARRANTY. REGAL VISE warrants this fly tying vise to be free of any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner. In the event the vise is found to be defective, REGAL ENGINEERING will repair or replace the vise at our option, when it is sent to:

Regal Engineering 100 Prentiss Street, Orange, MA 01364 USA

Telephone: 978.544.6571

This warranty does not cover damage caused by :

(1) Improperly placing hooks into jaw mechanism; Improper hook placement will invalidate your warranty and may cause damage to the vise jaws. Your regal vise is designed in a specific manner to hold hooks securely while tying. Care must be taken when both placing a hook into the jaws and taking a hook out of the jaws. When a hook is properly placed and secured you will find tying easier and safer. Improper hook placement may also cause sudden release of the hook from the jaws under tension. Always wear eye protection when using a fly tying vise. Please read and review Proper Hook Placement information that is on the warranty card and/or the web site.

(2) Failure to use according to instructions;

(3) Use for any purpose other than fly tying:

(4) Abuse, whether or not deliberate;

(5) Attempts to dismantle, repair, or modify the vise by anyone other than an Authorized REGAL ENGINEERING warranty service person.


1. Please download our repair form here.

2. Complete the form, and send completed form in along with vise head to be repaired.

3. We recommend that you send only your Vise Head in a secure box and purchase insurance.

4. Please keep the tracking number for your records. There is a $50.00 fee for this service ($60.00 outside of the contiguous U.S.). This is a flat fee for all repairs. Shipping is included in this fee. We accept checks, money orders and credit cards. Please allow 2-3 weeks from the day you send it out to us.

Regal Engineering is not responsible for any item left unclaimed or unpaid for after 60 days.


Please send your vise head ONLY, to us at:

Regal Engineering 100 Prentiss Street, Orange, MA 01364 USA ATTN: REPAIRS



Trade in your existing Regal Vise head (not for REVOLUTION) for a discount on a new one! Download the upgrade form here.


Midge $75.00
Regular $75.00
Big Game $100.00
Stainless $140.00


Smooth $35.00
Classic $35.00


Add a Custom Color 

Ultra Violet $35.00
Pitch Purple $35.00
Rustic Pine $35.00
Royal Blue $35.00


Material Clip
Classic $10.00
Infinity $10.00

Regal Coin Sticker $5.00

Shipping FREE of charge inside the contiguous United States. 
Add $10.00 for Alaska, Hawaii, and out of the United States. 

Please allow 3 weeks processing from the day you send your vise head to us.