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Regal Vise Pro Fly Tyers Here at Regal Vise we believe it is IMPERATIVE to support the Art and Culture of Fly Tying. Apart from Manufacturing the Worlds Best Fly Tying Vise, we endeavor to help Cultivate the worlds best fly tyers. We do this by supporting Professional Fly Tyers through our Endorsed Fly Tyer and Pro Staff programs.

Endorsed Tyers Program

Our Endorsed Tyers program is designed to support the Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Select Professional Commercial Fly Tyer, up and coming Authors/Writers, and potentially great Fly Tyers.

Pro Staff Program

Our Pro Staff is replete with the Biggest names in Fly Tying. These are Celebrated World Class Fly Tyers, Authors, and Innovators who have advanced and shaped the the Culture of Fly Tying.

Interactive Pro Staff World Map

Click on any region of the world to view our Pro and Endorse Fly Tyers in that region. Want to find a great tying instructor, local tyer, or guide in an area? This is a fantastic resource for any Fly Tyer or Fly Angler to seek out the best tyers worldwide. We will be adding new Pro and Endorsed Tyers weekly throughout 2012.


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East Coast US Pro Staff

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Colin Archer

Regal Fly Tying Vise Archer

Endorsed - Saltwater

Colin is a Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide living on the Jersey Shore. He guides clients for striped bass, bluefish and albies along the beaches, jetties, and back bays in New Jersey. He also guides for Trout on the Upper Delaware rivers in New York. When he's not guiding Colin is an award winning photojournalist shooting for newspapers and magazines, including several fly fishing trade and web based magazines.

Tom Baltz

Regal Fly Tying Vise -  Baltz

Pro - Trout , Steelhead, Bass, & Salmon

An award winning guide, fly tier, and conservationist,Tom Baltz is an Orvis Endorsed, full time fly fishing guide and fly tier in Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley. Fifty years of tying experience including many years of commercial and exhibition tying at the Fly Fishing Shows, Tom is "a limestone fly tier by osmosis". Mentored by legendary anglers Charles K. Fox, Vincent C. Marinaro, Ed Shenk, Gene Utech, and Joe Humphreys among others.

Don Bastian

Regal Fly Tying Vise -  Bastian

Pro - Classic Wet/Dry & Streamers

Don has been tying flies since 1964. He got his first fly tying lesson from his father and continued to learn fly tying with traditional materials, methods, patterns. His first reference books were Trout (1938) - by Ray Bergman and How To Tie Flies (1940) by E. C. Gregg. His primary interest is classic wet flies, streamers, drys, and nymphs. He also has experience tying salmon and steelhead flies, bass and panfish patterns, and a few saltwater patterns. Most of Don's fly fishing experience has been accumulated on the streams in his home state of Pennsylvania. He is the author of three fly tying DVD’s and is working on his first book.

Barry and Cathy Beck

Pro - Fresh & Saltwater flies

Barry and Cathy need no introduction to the fly fishing industry. The Becks are often referred to as the “first couple of fly fishing”. They are contract tiers for Umpqua Flies and are authors, photographers, instructors and trip hosts and are on the pro staff teams of Sage Rod Company, Redington, RIO Fly Lines, Smith Optics, and Tibor Reels.

As trip hosts for Frontiers, International, they travel to such destinations as New Zealand, Africa, Argentina, Alaska, Bahamas, Mexico, Bolivia, Mongolia, Spain – wherever fish are the game. As photographers their work regularly appears in sporting calendars and magazines. Books by the Becks include Fly Waters Near & Far, Cathy Beck's Fly Fishing Handbook, Seasons of the Bighorn, Fly Fishing the Flats, and Outdoor Photographers Handbook.

Barry and Cathy spend their lives in pursuit of fish and photographic opportunities. They first used Regal vises during the years of owning a specialty fly shop in the 80's and have never stopped. When you've got the best, there is no need to change. Regal vises stand up to the test of time and heavy use. There is none better.

David Benoit
  • Regal Fly tying Vise Benoit

Pro - Catskill, Spey, Saltwater, Bass, Trout, Hairwing Salmon, & Military Theme Flies

Dave is an FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor. From May to October he resides in his RV at Mohawk Park in Charlemont, MA on the Deerfield River. He helped develop and teach Fly Fishing A-Z for New Hampshire Fish and Wild Life, Taught Beginning Fly Tying for United Fly Tyers and New England Fly Tyers. A decorated Vietnam Veteran Dave ties Military Theme Flies forwarding all proceeds to Project Healing Waters.

Jim Bensinger


Pro - Trout flies, soft hackle and classic wet flies

I have been tying flies for over 25 years and am addicted to our craft (sometimes I would rather tie on the stream than fish!). A few years after retiring from the US Marine Corps I started Fiber Flies, where I bring a unique and versatile material to the industry. I have tied in a couple of shows and found the most rewarding part is showing people who have never tied that they can quickly pick up the art and really have fun. In 2011 I became actively involved with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing as a Tying Instructor and Guide for the Quantico, VA chapter.

Eli Berant


Pro:  Warmwater, Bass, Trout, Pike, & Musky Streamers

Eli was introduced to fly fishing at a young age.  The quest for fish captivated him and has been a large part of his life ever since.  He has built a passion for tying and fishing large to extra large streamers to the much desired trophy fish.  Great Lakes Fly was established in 2009.  When he can, Eli leaves his vise to focus on the amazing warm water predator fly fishing available on Lake St. Clair.  Eli has a spirit for teaching his tying methods to all he meets, as well as, speaking to crowds at clubs, shops and shows around Michigan.

Scott Biron


Pro: Trout Flies, Traditional Catskill Flies, Classic Streamers, Classic Salmon Flies

Scott Biron cut his teeth learning to tie flies back in the 1960s in the North County of New Hampshire. An active fly tying instructor for NH Fish & Game and is popular tying and instructing in regional shows. Scott was awarded the 2017 NH Traditional Arts Grant and studied the art of Fly Tying under Peggy Brenner. He has a strong interest in historical NH fly tyers and their lost patterns and has published, researched, instructed as well as demonstrated many of these lost NH fly patterns. Scott instructs individuals of all ages in the art of fly tying and is known for including the history of these tyers and their flies in his instruction. A member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild and author for the NH Wildlife Journal with an article on Caddis Flies. I have been tying on a Regal Vice for over 40 years and I teach all my classes using Regal Travelers


Marla Blair

Fly Tying Vise Blair

Pro Tyer - Trout Flies & Bonefish Patterns

Marla ia a Fly Fishing Guide/Instructor/Travel Coordinator in Western Mass & NW Conn. She is the inventor of The Jailbird, The Mahogany Blair's Emerger, & Paradorito and the of Author of "Positive Fly Fishing"

Dave Brandt

Regal Fly Tying Vise -  Brandt


Pro - Traditional Catskill Dry Flies & the best hair in fly fishing

Having tied flies for more than forty years, I can honestly say that I've never found a vise as trouble free or as easy to use as the Regal. If I can add the phrase"...for the money", I'll put up a case of beer against your one dollar bill that you won't either! I wish it had existed during the years I did a bit of commercial tying! Teaching fly tying along with casting for many years means that my vise and other equipment is frequently on the road with me, and this vise has made things much easier for my students also. If trout flies are your thing, with all of the range of sizes one might encounter you'll appreciate the ease and durability that go along with using a Regal vise!

Peggy Brenner

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Brenner

Pro - Feather Wing Streamers, Saltwater, & Soft Hackles

Peggy started with the basics, progressed to Classic Maine Streamers, and now Salmon flies. She also did a 1 year apprenticeship through the NH Council for the Arts, Traditional Arts Program. She tyes for a small group of customers, as well as giving instruction with a focus on Ladies and children's classes, presentations, and demonstrations around the country.

Mac Brown

Regal Fly Tying Vise Brown

Pro - Trout, Bass, Muskie, & Saltwater flies

Mac Brown is a Master Caster Instructor through the FFF and guides through out the year in the western NC region. He has fished extensively throughout the globe in pursuit of great fishing destinations. Mac started the fly fishing programs at WCU in the mid 90’s. Many of those past students now compete and are members of Team USA.

Alex Cerveniak


Pro - Trout, Warmwater, Saltwater, Atlantic Salmon flies, & realistics

Alex Cerveniak is a northern Michigan native who spent the latter half of his 20's in upstate NY. Alex writes a fly fishing blog for The Drake magazine called, "Chuck and Duck." He is a former editor at MidCurrent and an Editor-at-Large for Hatches Magazine. He is an active freelance writer and photographer where he has contributed to numerous online and print publications, most notably Hatches Magazine, The Drake Magazine, and The Flyfish Journal. He has also contributed to dozens of websites, businesses, and organizations. Alex is an avid fly tier.  He has been awarded with three Fly Tier of the Year awards from flytyingforum, and enjoys teaching the art of fly tying to students both young and old. Alex has an A.S. in Environmental Science, and is an active member of several conservation groups. He enjoys fly fishing, fishing, hunting, reading, photography, writing, conservation, greasy pizza you have to fold to pick up, and his wife's pineapple upside-down cake.

Joe Calcavecchia

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Calcavecchia

Pro - Saltwater

Joe Calcavecchia is a production tyer, one of the true masters of fly tying, and the creator of many splendid fly patterns. He has been tying commercially for the past twenty years for fly shops in the New England region. He is also a fly designer for Pacific Fly Group. He is a master teacher in fly tying and instructs students with a jovial manner that is always infectious to everyone in attendance. Joe has taken part in many fishing Expos where he has been presented as a premier fly tyer.

Bj Chard


BJ Chard - PRO - Salt water flies for bonefish, permit, tarpon, sharks baracuda, Giant trevally, trigger fish, milk fish, golden trevallys...

Guiding the flats of the Florida Keys and hosting salt water fly fishing trips around the world by the time he was 19 has put BJ on the fly fishing map. Within BJs young career he has stared on fly fishing TV shows like "The Outfitters" with host Conway Bowman for tarpon in the Florida Keys and multiple shows with "Seasons on the Fly" in Christmas Island for Giant Trevallys, Milk Fish and Triggers. BJ has also been a part of 3 major fly fishing photo shoots and has been a subject of many articles in fly fishing magazines such as Fly Fisherman and Grays Sporting Journal. Look for BJ to continue spinning his Regal Vise and moving the needle within the fly fishing industry for years to come.


Bruce Chard


Bruce Chard - Pro - Salt water flies for bonefish, permit, tarpon, sharks baracuda, Giant trevally, trigger fish, milk fish, golden trevallys...

Bruce has guided as a full time Florida Keys Flats guide for the past 25 years. As a FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor, Bruce has hosted his own salt water fly fishing schools internationally and also spends time as a speaker at fly fishing shows, fly shops and fly clubs around the globe. Bruce and his son BJ can be found giving fly tying demonstrations and fishing the flats over 300 days a year along with working hard and close with many fly fishing industry manufactures.  


John Collins

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Collins

Pro - Trout, Steelhead, Warm & Saltwater

John Collins has been tying for over 27 years. He specializes in Custom orders. Pro Staff member with, Flymen Fishing Company, Clear Cure Goo and Anglers Sport Group. John is also a show Co- Chair for the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild.

Joe Cordiero

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Corderio

Pro -Saltwater

An avid New England saltwater fly fisherman with over 25 years of fly tying. Joe has done many fly tying expositions and has educated many people on the art of tying the "Flatwing streamer". His attention to detail with a passion to show tying techniques not written in any books. My ties are specific bait fish imitations , silversides, sandeels,herring and many others for local water fishing.

Joe Cornwall

Regal Fly Tying Vise Cornwall


Pro - Warm water flies: Bass, Carp, Panfish, Gar, & Hybrid Striped Bass

Joe Cornwall is a misplaced New Englander with an unhealthy obsession for the fly rod and all its accoutrements.  An instigator by nature, Joe is the accidental publisher and editor of Fly Fish Ohio on-line magazine.  After moving to the heartland in 1984, Joe developed an obsession with smallmouth bass and warm water streams. That obsession has led Joe around the country as an author, presenter and fanatical fly fisherman.  A member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, the Outdoor Writers of Ohio and many conservation and angling organizations, Joe makes his home in Cincinnati, Ohio and can regularly be found wading the lovely, cool creeks of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  His signature fly, the Mixed Media, is well known as a dependable producer throughout the region.

George Daniel

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Daniel

Pro - Trout Flies & Bonefish Patterns

George has been fly fishing for over 26 years. A former fly fishing competitor, George now spends his time coaching the US Adult and Youth Fly Fishing Teams and spending time with his wife and two children. Also, George's first book will be released in Jan 12-Dynamic Nymphing (Stackpole Books)

Lou DiGena



Endorsed - Trout, Wet Flies, Streamers, Tenkara, and Salt

Lou’s background in fly tying includes 25+ years experience with a commitment to designing patterns with the K.I.S.S. rule (Keep It Simple Stupid).  He primarily targets trout throughout the United States.  His home waters are in the northeast where he prefers fishing for native Brook Trout and wild Browns.  He enjoys tying traditional patterns like the Frank Sawyer's Pheasant Tail, and Killer Bug and creating new patterns, like his Bubble Pupa, CE Crayfish (Close Enough), and K.I.S.S. Crane Fly Larva.

Harold Eckett


Pro - Trout, Catskill, Spey, Saltwater, Bass etc.  

Harold Eckett is from Jackson, New Jersey and is the owner of NJ Saltwater Flies. Currently he holds the title of Vice President for the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders located in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Being known for his baitfish pattern "The Moechovie", he has managed to stay humble while continually taking instruction and direction from top fly tiers in the industry. Recently he had the privilege of being a guest fly tier at the International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset, New Jersey. Harold does not hesitate to donate with his time and talents to various organizations and looks to pass the torch to those who want to take the ride.

Steve Fogel

Regal Fly Tying Vise Fogel

Pro - Simple Trout, Warmwater, & Saltwater patterns

Steve has been fly tying for 10 years. His passion is teaching new fly tiers.  Steve started and is the President and one of the mentors of Kids on the Fly New Jersey. The club works with “kids” ages 10 to 100 teaching them to tie standard patterns and techniques for fishing waters of New Jersey.

Tim Flagler


Tim Flagler has been fly fishing and tying for more than 30 years. He founded Tightline Productions in 1998, a video production company that  specializes in promotional and instructional video. He's known worldwide for his tying videos. Tim's also a presenter, instructor and guide.

Jim Froio

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Froio

Endorsed - Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, & Saltwater

Jim lives in Central New York surrounded by some of the best fishing in the Northeast. I enjoy tying and fishing with my tying comrades who I have had the chance to get to know over the years.

Jack Gartside

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Gartside

Pro - (Posthumous 1942 -2009)

Excerpt from the Jack Gartside memorial website

"Jack Gartside is counted as one the most innovative and prolifically inventive fly tyers of the modern era. He got his first fly-tying lesson in 1956 from Ted Williams, the great Boston Red Sox outfielder. That served as the beginning of a professional tying and angling career that spanned more than 50 years. Jack was one of the first fly tyers profiled in Sports Illustrated magazine (Oct. 12, 1982). His best-known original patterns include the Gurgler, the Sparrow, the Soft Hackle Streamer, and the Gartside Pheasant Hopper. His designs have been featured in Eric Leiser's Book of Fly Patterns, Judith Dunham's The Art of the Trout Fly, Lefty Kreh's Salt Water Fly Patterns, Dick Stewart's Salt Water Flies, and Dick Brown's Flyfishing for Bonefish."

Books by Jack include Striper Flies, Striper Strategies, Secret Flies, The Fly Fisherman's Guide to Boston Harbor, Scratching the Surface, Fly Patterns for the Adventurous Tyerand Original Salt Water Fly Patterns.

Tom Gilmore

Regal Fly Tying Vise Gilmore

Pro - Trout & Saltwater flies

Tom Gilmore has been president of the New Jersey Audubon Society, the oldest and largest conservation organization in the state of New Jersey, for the past nearly three decades.  In addition to being an accomplished environmentalist, Tom is an avid fly fisherman and Fly Tyer. He is an accomplished author having written numerous articles and is currently working on his fourth fly fishing book.  Tom is a well know fly fishing celebrity haven giving over 100 programs on fishing for almost all of our North American Game Fish.

A.J. Gottschalk


Endorsed - Trout & Saltwater flies

A.J. grew up fishing coastal Florida but now haunts the streams and lakes of Western New York while pursuing a Ph.D. in archaeology. Frequent travel for both fishing and academic research and a great diversity of target species mean that A.J. can be found tying everything from tiny trout nymphs to large saltwater flies. He finds inspiration everywhere from modern to classic, and natural to entirely synthetic. However, you’re most likely to find him churning out whatever needs to be in the fly box for the next day on the water.


Matt Grobert


Matthew Grobert – Pro – Trout, Salmon, Steelhead and Saltwater

Matt has been tying flies and fishing them with abandon for over 40 years.  He primarily targets trout, having fished for them throughout the United States.  His home waters are NJ, PA and the NY Catskill Region, which has highly influenced his tying style and methods.  He has been teaching fly tying and fly fishing for over 25 years, and more recently he has been featured tying in instructional videos produced by Tightline Productions. He has published numerous articles in fly fishing magazines, maintains a fishing and tying blog and is the author of Fly Fishing New Jersey Trout Streams.




Mike Heck

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Heck

Pro - Trout, Bass, & Steelhead

Mike Heck is the author of "Spring Creek Strategies" Mike is well known for his spring creek fly patterns. Mike is an Orvis Endorsed Guide for the South Central PA area.

Greg Heffner

Fly Tying  Vise Heffner

Pro - Traditional Streamers & Classic Atlantic Salmon flies

Greg has been tying flies seriously for 27 years. He has been demo tying at numerous shows in the east for  the last twenty years. He is the president of the Conhocton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and a member of FFF, the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, and the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club of Canada.  Greg is a licensed New York fishing guide.  He has been published in several magazines, and published a book of his favorite patterns to tie and fish.

William Heresniak


Pro- Bass, Trout, & Musky

William is the owner of Eastern Trophies Fly Fishing. He has been a professional fly fishing guide and fly tyer since 2003. William’s fly tying style and his use of synthetic suede materials has been influenced by the legendary Chuck Kraft, who developed the original Baitfish Tail in 1992. Other tiers that have been a strong influence on William’s flies are Kelly Galloup and Brad Bohen. William ties over 1,000 streamer patterns yearly for Trophy Smallmouth Bass, Trout and Musky. William is a Century Club Member for Project Healing Waters and has been a volunteer since it started in 2005.

Elmer Hopper


Endorsed - Bergman Style Wet Flies, & Catskill Style flies

Dave Hosler

Regal Fly Tying Vise Hosler

Dave Hosler - Pro - Warmwater flies for smallmouth, carp, and musky.  Coldwater streamers for trout and steelhead.

Dave started tying flies a few years ago to save some money.  He's still broke but his fly boxes are full.  He is a native Hoosier, a habitual line stepper, and a fan of ugly fish.  Lucky to have been tutored by Gary Krebs when he started tying, he quickly developed his own style.  Most of the flies he ties are quick and dirty using natural and synthetics material for warmwater fish.  Dave is a writer, photographer, and a board member in his local fly fishing club.

Kevin Hospodar

Regal Fly Tying Vise Hospodar

Pro -Trout, Spey, & Warm water flies

Kevin is currently the Content Director for Hatches Magazine and handles all web and digital content.  As a tier, angler, and hack-photographer he is constantly looking for the next adventure or glass run.  He currently lives outside of Pittsburgh PA with his wife and daughter.

Ed Hudon

Regal fly tying vise Hudon

Pro - Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Esox, and Saltwater

Ed has been tying flies for over 30 years. His company, Merrimack River Flies, is located only minutes away from the famed Merrimack River and Joppa Flats in Newburyport, MA where he spends many days on the water testing and perfecting his fly patterns.
Ed’s passion for bonefishing has taken him to the Florida Keys, British West Indies and Mexico where he ensures the durability and effectiveness of each of his fly patterns.  Ed’s flies have been successfully fished around the globe for a variety of inshore and offshore game fish.
When not on the flats, you can find him on the Deerfield, Salmon, or Pemigewasset Rivers chasing Brown Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon.

Joe Humphreys

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Humphreys

Pro - Trout Flies

Mr. Humphreys has taught fly fishing for more than forty years, including directing Penn State's angling program for nineteen years. Some high-profile pupils include former President Jimmy Carter, former Vice President Richard Cheney, and basketball coach Bobby Knight.

John Kavanaugh

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Kavanaugh

Pro - Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, and Saltwater

John kavanaugh from Rockaway, NJ has Fly Fished and Tyed Flies for 37 yrs and counting. He has fished all over the northeast in fresh and saltwater. John is also a show Co- Chair for the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild.

Joe Kayafas


Endorsed - Cold Water Trout and Steelhead Flies

I love to tie flies for inland and lake-run Trout and Salmon. Whether it be a sz 22 trico, a baetis nymph, or a large intruder, I enjoy it all. As a PA native, I am blessed to be surrounded by tons of inland wild Trout streams from the smallest trickle, up to large rivers to hone my skills in fishing as well as tying. Dry fly fishing is the best in my eyes, and I try to do it as much as I possibly can. I teach fly tying, and fly-fishing lessons, and tie flies for shops. I also help out with as well as host my own charity events for Project Healing Waters Fly-Fishing.

Eric Kelley


Eric Kelley - Pro - Soft Hackles, Spiders, Euro-Nymphs, Cdc flies and Small Streamers.

Eric works for Fulling Mill USA as their Technical Manager/Product Developer. He designs flies and helps Fulling Mill signature designers with new and upcoming patterns. Eric also works in close relation with the Orvis Company and their fly program as well.

Mary Kuss


PRO - Cold and Warm Water flies

Mary Kuss is semi-retired after a long tenure as an instructor and retail clerk at The Sporting Gentleman, an independent Orvis dealer in Media, PA.  She is a licensed Pennsylvania fishing guide, and has taught countless group classes and private lessons in fly fishing and fly tying over the past 30 years.  She has served on the Board of Directors for several non-profit conservation organizations, and has donated many hours of volunteer teaching.  Mary is a life-member of Trout Unlimited and has served on the Board of the Ken Lockwood, Valley Forge, and Delco-Manning Chapters of T. U.  She is the founder and an active member of the Delaware Valley Women’s Fly Fishing Association, one of the largest clubs of its kind on the East Coast, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary year in 2016.

Allen Landheer


Pro - Catskill dries , Streamers, Wet Flies, Spey, Atlantic salmon and Steelhead patterns

Allen grew up fishing on Brodhead Creek.  His first fly rod experience was at age 13. He learned by watching and fishing with Don Baylor, Ernie Schwiebert and other fine fly fisherman over the years.  Allen began tying in earnest around that same time as he realized he preferred to catch fish on his own flies. He now regularly fishes on numerous streams in CT, NY, PA, Great Lakes tribs and NJ. Fishing many streams and rivers gives him a perspective of the subtle differences in Mayflycolors and patterns  
Allen is a member of Brodhead’s Chapter TU,Catskill Fly Tiers Guild and is a member of the Flymen Fishing Co pro team. He is noted and included in Darren MacEachern’s Streamer 365 project and book.  

Chris Lessway

REGAL Fly Tying Vise Lessway

Pro - Dry flies and streamers  for trout, steelhead and salmon.

Chris Lessway has been tying flies for almost 20 years. His guide experience spans over a 12 year period focusing his summer months in Colorado and winters down in Chile on the Futaleufu River in Patagonia. He now resides in Michigan where he guides full time on the Au Sable river and chasing Great Lakes steelhead with a Spey rod on numerous rivers though out the state.  He is an outdoor writer and photographer as well.

Jessica Lettich


Jessica Lettich - Endorsed - Spey, Steelhead, Trout, Saltwater

A native Pennsylvanian, Jessica works as a corporate HR and Benefits professional and spends her weekends fishing. She divides that time between her local PA streams, the upper Delaware system and the Salmon River. To her, nothing is as cool as catching wild fish on dry flies, unless it's getting that big tug from a steelhead or other anadromous fish on a swung fly.

Jessica enjoys tying dry flies, classic Spey and Dee patterns, Syd Glasso spey style flies, as well as hair wing Atlantic salmon flies.

Rob Lewis

Regal Fly Tying Vise Rob Lewis

Pro - Realistic Flies

Rob is a contracted Tyer for Pac Fly, and is the creator of a new line of realistic tying materials. Rob started tying in 1985 and developed his love of realistic trout flies. Rob is a professional fly fishing guide specializing in the Crotain and Delaware River systems. Rob is a National featured celebrity tier and lecturer  for The Fly Fishing Show.

Bart Lombardo


Endorsed - Trout, Salmon, Warm and Saltwater

Bio:  Bart has been tying flies for over thirty years and teaching others to tie for almost as long.  His interest in fly tying is as varied as the fish he pursues.  He is just as likely to be found fishing a blue ribbon trout stream as he is a local farm pond.  His home waters are in the North East but Montana holds a special place in his heart. Since 2009, he has maintained a fly fishing and tying blog called The Jersey Angler and recently launched the website dedicated to warm water fly fishing

Patrick Lombardo

Regal Fly Tying Vise Lombardo

Endorsed - Musky, Pike & Trout

Patrick has been tying flies for 26 years. His first lesson was at age nine. He was hooked and began collecting materials, tanning various furs, dying feathers/furs. Recently driving into to large predator fly tying. Tandem 4/0 to 7/0 flies ranging from six to thirteen inches. Winter free-time is spent Dying PA buck tails and teaching tying through a fly tying club.

Tommy Lynch


Swing, Mouse, Dries, Eggs... Just about everything but tube flies... Don't do tubes

Tommy has been guiding for 23 years full time. He does not bowl, can't text well, and his lawn doesn't get any attention... BUT FLY FISHING DOES!

Primarily a brown trout super freak, he moonlights also as a steelhead guide when not chasing gold in Northwest Lower Michigan
Two Beautiful Boys keep him and his wife Andrea beyond busy when he is not on the water.

Streamer & Mouse Strategies are his favorites but there are some great hatches here in MI as well, plus windowed egg fishing!
Tying flies has always been a way to stay on the river mindset when he is not allowed to be on it. He also does not like fishing "SHOP" flies!!!



Jim Malo

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Mallo

Endorsed - Trout, Saltwater, Classic Streamer & Salmon

Tier of Classic Streamers for decades; enhanced by the tutelage of Paul Kukonen.

Nicole March


Pro - Soft hackles, Streamers. Bass and trout flies.

Nicole has been fishing since the age of 3 on the lakes and ponds in Upstate New York. Her time on the water is usually spent in her boat fishing for bass or on the river swinging soft hackles for trout. What she loves most about the art of tying and fishing is that it's a never-ending learning experience with a wealth of information out there; and being able to help pass on to others the knowledge she has absorbed so far makes it all the more enjoyable. 

Nicole is an active member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, the Assistant Project Lead for the Project Healing Waters in New City, N.Y. and recently created a youth coloring & activity book for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.

Michael Mauri


Michael Mauri - Pro - Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon & Trout

One of the world’s outstanding fly casters, Michael was born and raised in Germany and caught his first fish at age six in a small stream in Bavaria. In 1983, at age 12, he first devoted himself entirely to every facet of the sport of fly fishing and fly tying. An advocate of the tube-fly, he has designed patterns for all types of fishing from salmon to tarpon. Since 1998, Michael has participated in international shows and conducted single and double-hand casting workshops around the globe. As a professional fly-fisher, he guides throughout Europe from Italy to Norway and, in early 2012, began guiding in the United States. In search of new challenges, he continuously hones his own skills while - at the same time - coming up with new ideas to develop and improve equipment offered by leading firms in the fly-fishing industry.

Michael McAuliffe

Regal Fly Tying Vise - McAuliffe

Pro - Fresh and Saltwater guide flies

Michael is a Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Presenter, Video Podcaster, Fly Tying Instructor for the Regal Fly Tying School, and Writer. He is employed by Regal Engineering as our Pro Staff Director, and doing all things web and print media. If it swims, Michael will throw a fly at it.

He favors guide style flies and clean drifts. If he can't tye it in 4 minutes, it ain' t getting tied...

Allen McGee

Regal fly tying Vise Mcgee

Allen McGee - Pro - Trout flies, Soft-Hackled Nymphs, Flymphs, Spiders, Streamers, & Terrestrials

Allen McGeehas been fly fishing and tying flies for trout for over 20 years. He specializes in classic and modern soft-hackle fly design and fishing methods. His articles and photography have appeared in many of the popular fly fishing magazines. He is the author of the book Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs and a fly designer with the Montana Fly Company. He is the owner of Riverfly a company that builds innovative fly fishing and fly tying products.

Bob Mead

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Meade

Pro - Realistic & Trout Flies

Bob Mead's realistic flies, columns, and articles have appeared in books, magazines, and newspapers around the world. Although he has been tying for more than 60 years the realistic bug didn't bite him until 1967 when the first walking stick fly was tied as a lark.  Since then, his Praying Mantis, Mosquito, Water Scorpion, and other creative patterns have inspired many to enter the world of realistic tying. "I'd tie without my thumbs before I'd tie without my Regal"

Charles Meck

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Meck

Pro - Trout Flies

Charles R. Meck, a lifelong Pennsylvania resident and the many of numerous successful books on fly-fishing. He has fished virtually every trout stream in the state of Pennsylvania, and spends his winters fishing out of Mesa, Arizona.

Joe Messinger
Joe Messinger

My father, Joe Messinger Sr. (1892-1966) was a professional fly tyer.  The Messinger Bucktail Frog for bass and the Irresistible dry fly for trout were his best known patterns.   I have tied flies since the age of 5 or 6 which is about 68 years of fly tying for me-so far.

I've done fly tying demonstrations and seminars, taught fly tying, fly fishing and fly casting for more than 40 years.  I have traveled to most regions of the
U.S.  and some of Canada doing these things. I produced an instructional video in which I demonstrate tying the "Messinger Bucktail Frog." I have written feature  articles regarding fly tying for various national and regional magazines. I've done tying demonstration for several TV fly fishing shows.
I continue to tie the flies my father created as well as other bass and trout fly patterns.

I have done some salt water fly fishing but mostly fresh water fishing.  I've been able to include fishing for bass, trout, steel head and pan fish in my travels to various parts of the country for the purpose of demonstrating the fly tying methods I use for creating deer hair flies.

I am a Umpqua Fly Designer and a member of the St. Croix, TFO and Regal Vice pro staff.  I work with Project Healing Waters veterans teaching fly tying, fly casting, rod building and fly fishing techniques. 
Johnny Miller

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Miller

Johnny Miller - Pro - Trout, Steelhead, Spey, Streamers, and CDC Dries

John grew up in the Catskills Mtns. in upstate New York. He began tying flies and fly-fishing at an early age, perfecting his skills on the Esopus, Kaaterskill, Plattekill, Beaverkill and Schoharie Rivers. His knowledge of aquatic entomology and proper photographic techniques have enabled him to capture stunning photos that have appeared in various articles and books. John has been a guide and fly-fishing instructor for over 15 years. He mastered his skill of Entomology at the Delaware River Club with colleagues Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi. He also guided in West Michigan for Matt Supinski at The Gray Drake Lodge. In late spring and summer you’ll find him as a guide for the West Branch Angler on the Upper Delaware River System and in the fall, winter and early spring on The Lake Erie Tributaries guiding for Steelhead Alley Outfitters. He has also been an Orvis endorsed guide since 2002.

Josh Miller


Pro - Trout Flies

Josh Miller, age 28, is from Ross Township PA. Josh got his feet wet at age 10 when he took a fly tying class from a local fly shop. Josh is a member of Fly Fishing Team USA and a Coach of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team. Josh is also a “Signature Fly Tyer" for The Orvis Companyand currently works at International Angler.

He enjoys teaching fly tying and giving educational talks with groups such as Trout Unlimited, fly fishing shows, and other fly fishing clubs.

Bill Newcomb

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Newcomb

Pro - Catskill Dry, Classic Wets, & Trout Flies.

Bill enjoys tying flies and passing on the knowledge he has accrued over the past 35 years. His favorite aspect of tying is teaching youngsters the basics of our craft.

Mike Nutto

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Nutto

Endorsed - Trout, Nymphs, & Spey Flies for Steelhead

Mike is a former and current NJ resident. In the interim, he lived in Oregon and acquired the love of all things Spey and Two handed. His flies have graced the covers and insides of many major fly fishing publications.

Walker Parrott

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Parrott

Pro - Smallmouth Bass, Saltwater, Trout, & Musky.

Walker was born on the coast of South Carolina and now manages/head guide at Davidson River Outfitters.

Ted Patlen


Pro - Everything & Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies

Winner of seven fly-tying world championships, Ted has demonstrated at fly-fishing /tying conventions from the slopes of the Canadian Rockies to a 12th century Italian villa; as well as on a dusty parking lot in Roscoe, New York.

Jay Peck
Regal Fly Tying Vise - Peck
Jeff Price


Endorsed - Warm water- bass and panfish

Jeff started fly fishing 20 years ago.  He cut his teeth fishing for brookies in small mountain streams before eventually discovering his love of chasing smallies and panfish on top water.  Jeff is a warm water junkie at heart.  In an effort to find the right size and color combos for the areas he was fishing, Jeff started tying and creating warm water flies.  He is constantly making changes and improvements until he feels like he has it just right.  When he's not at work or tying at the bench, Jeff can be found on the water still hunting those bass and panfish.  He has a passion for fishing and collecting both contemporary and vintage fiberglass rods.  Together with his wife, he owns and operates J&M Flies.

Henry Ramsay

Regal Fly Tying Vise Ramsay

Henry Ramsay - Pro - Trout, & Artistic Atlantic Salmon Flies

I’ve been a fly tier for forty years now, tying flies for trout and classic and artistic Atlantic Salmon flies. In 2011 my first book was published “Matching Major Eastern Hatches, New Patterns for Selective Trout” by Stackpole / Headwater Books. My flies have appeared in a number of magazines including “Fly Fisherman”, the “Art of Angling Journal”, the “Game Journal” and the “Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide”. I am a custom fly tier, fly tying and fly fishing instructor and fly fishing photographer. More than anything fly tying has been my life’s passion and I tie flies nearly every day.

Mike Rice

Regal Fly Tying Vise Rice

Endorsed - Saltwater Flies

I started Mud Dog Saltwater Flies in 2000 to provide an alternative to the foreign mass produced flies that I had been buying to fish with. Before selling the first fly, 2 years were spent learning to tie different patterns and creating my own. Each pattern has been fished by me and friends who are professional guides to make sure they catch. When I’m not working my real job, I’m somewhere tying or product testing. The concept is simple: Basic fly patterns that are proven to catch fish.  And from Day One, every fly I’ve tied has been on a Regal.

Andy Satanek


Endorsed – Trout, Steelhead, WarmWater, & Carp Flies

Andy grew up and currently lives in Northwest Indiana. Since 1971, Andy has been on the vise tying and designing fly patterns for the fish that he pursues; using Regal Vise for its rotary feature and dependability.  Along with being an accomplished fly fisherman and tyer; he has given fly casting and fishing seminars, fly tying demonstrations and guided.  As the webmaster for, he shares his experiences, educates and promotes fly fishing opportunities in Northwest Indiana.  If he was limited to just one species of fish to pursue, you would find him on the pond (in his kayak) fly fishing for panfish, which has earned him the nickname of “3-Weight”.

Mike Schmidt


Pro - Midges to Musky Flies, & Streamers.

Mike Schmidt is a man consumed with the sport of fly fishing and, more specifically, advancing fly design through integration of natural and synthetic materials. When not on the water with friends or clients, he enjoys traveling the country to put on fly tying workshops, give presentations at clubs and demonstrate tying at fly shows. Mike is a commercial tier and owner of Anglers Choice Flies as well as being a guide, freelance photographer, and writer.

Mike Schultz

Pro - Musky, Pike, Steelhead, Bass & Carp

Mike Schultz (known as “Schultzy” to most) is the Owner of Schultz Outfitters Fly Shop & Guide Service specializing in Southeastern Michigan angling, fly tying, instruction, and destination travel. Born and raised in the Great State of Michigan, Schultzy has enjoyed the outdoors his entire life. During his early teenage years he developed an interest in fly-fishing. The majority of his free time quickly became consumed with fishing and tying. Eight  (wow that’s impressive) of his signature fly patterns are available through the ORVIS Company. He currently resides in Dexter, Michigan on the banks of The Huron River with his wife, Allie and son, Tanner.

Greg Senyo

Regal Fly tying Vise - Senyo

Pro - Steelhead, Salmon, & Trout

Owner of Steelhead Alley Outfitters a local guide operation located on Lake Erie's Famed Tributaries. Orvis Endorsed Guide & Contract Tyer- 2008 Fly Tyer of the Year. HareLine Dubbin Inc. Fly Tying Product Developer.

Steve Silverio

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Silverio

Pro - All Styles of Fresh and Saltwater Flies

Tying flies since the age of fourteen on a “homemade rotary vise”, Steve has ventured into all forms of the fly-tying art. Known primarily for his innovative saltwater & large predator flies, Steve has developed patterns for many species from striped bass to sailfish and is constantly experimenting with new natural materials for his designs. Combining classic dressings with modern concepts, his flies are an amalgam of tradition and simplicity. Steve loves to tie with natural materials and actively seeks fresh road kill.

Currently, Steve is a member of Regal Vise Company’s developmental team and has cooperated in the design of their new in-line rotary model, the Revolution. He is also the North American Sales Representitive for Partridge of Redditch. Steve's Flies have been published in all forms of print and electronic media.

Bill Skilton

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Skilton

Pro - Trout, Bass, Salmon & Saltwater flies

Bill started tying flies at the age of 5 (fifty years ago) under the direction of his older brother, Tony the former director of the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools. In high school he tied flies commercially for Ed Koch’s Yellow Breeches Fly Shop, Barry Beck and the Leonard Rod Company. Bill went on to tie his fly patterns commercially for the Orvis Company where they have been sold for the past twenty two years.

Rob Snowhite


Pro - Warmwater

Rob has an uncanny ability to seek out and re-purpose everyday materials into unique and successful fly tying materials. He is an expert in guiding for warm water fish in urban settings, specifically in and around Washington, D.C. An energetic blogger with a top rated educational fly fishing podcast, Rob tirelessly promotes fishing as a lifestyle across multiple platforms.  He provides monthly tying instruction at his local International Federation of Fly Fishers club, The Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders monthly “beer tie” event. He teaches fly tying at a variety store utilizing products sold in the store as tying materials. Rob is a featured tyer at The Fly Fishing Show and Tiefest. Rob produces impressionistic flies that are simple and elegant, and the results speak for themselves. He continues to tweak flies to find the one that will catch the elusive Potomac River’s Northern Snakehead.

Joe Soma

Regal Fly tying Vise - Soma

Endorsed -Trout, Bass, Panfish, Saltwater, & Salmon Flies

Joe lives in southern New Jersey, and has been tying flies for 47 years and has been teaching fly tying for over 25 years. Joe still do three shows a year and enjoys meeting people and sharing his knowledge.

Rich Strolis

Regal Fly Tying Vise Strolis

Pro - Trout Size 32’s-10/0’s on any given day

Passionate about all things fly fishing pretty much sums it up.  Always striving for something fresh and outside the box, running the gamut of simple to complex patterns merging natural and synthetic materials together. 

“If it swims he’s in”. Mostly trout, but if its in water it’s fair game.   Known  mostly known for his years guiding the Farmington river, he now spends his time at the vise tying orders or publishing videos to his catalog of tying tutorials.  A Pac Fly designer, commercial tier and character to say the least, he’s put a hold on guiding to spend some more time on the water testing new flies and fishing himself in between spending time with his two little girls and understanding wife.  For more on his custom fly patterns and travels check out his website at

Eric Stroup

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Stroup

Pro - Eastern Hatch Patterns

Eric Stroup is a professional guide, author and fly tier from central Pennsylvania. He is a national presenter, a Regional Coordinator for Project Healing Waters, a coach for the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team, and a fly designer for Spirit River Inc. in Roseburg OR.

Son Tao

Regal Fly Tying Vise - SON TAO

Pro - Mostly trout flies. Dries and Nymphs

Son Tao is a Master Sergeant in the US Army. He is originally from Brownstown, Pennsylvania but has lived all over the United States the past 16 years due to his service obligations. Son got his start with fly fishing and tying through Project Healing Waters and has been tying for less than two years.

Son’s attention to detail is evident in his passion for tying Catskill dry flies, nymphs and various trout patterns. He’s active with Project Healing Waters, Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation. Son also teaches classes at Flymasters of Indinapolis and posts photos, videos regularly on social media.

Dan Thomas


Dan Thomas- trout, warm water  

Creator of the Calamus, series of trout flies, Dan Thomas, was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania. He began fishing on a regular basis as a child. However it wasn't until his mid twenties that he began fly fishing. He hasn't looked back since.

Dan is an avid member of the Catskill Fly tyer's guild, as well as the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum. He attends the International Fly Fishing Show, as well as the the International Fly Tying Symposium as a demonstration tyer. His love for the sport of fly fishing as well as the art of fly tying, have driven him to create some exceptionally innovative, and effective patterns through the years.

Ben Turpin

Regal Fly Tying Vise Ben Turpin

Endorsed - Nymphs, Dries, & Streamers for Trout & Bass

Ben started tying flies at the age of 11 and received his first Regal Vise for Christmas in 1988.  That vise is still in use today and has had tens of thousands of flies tied on it.  Ben currently ties flies for his guide service and clients and enjoys giving demonstrations at the many Fly Fishing Shows and TU events in the Mid Atlantic Region. Turpin Custom Rod Building and Guide Service was established in 1997. Ben believes in fishing simple, but effective nymphs and dries flies that have a natural silhouette.  Many of his patterns have been sold by Orvis over the years and can also be found on his website.
Mike Valla

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Valla

Pro - Catskill Dry Flies, Wet Flies, & Streamers

B.S. Cornell U., DDS Georgetown U. Retired Public Health Dentist; Author of: Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies, The Classic Dry Fly Box, The Classic Wet Fly Box. Frequent contributor, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine. Published also in Fly Fisherman Magazine, and The Journal of American Fly Fishing.

Andrea & Glenn VanBenschoten

Regal Fly Tying Vise - VanBenschoten

Endorsed - Bass, Panfish, & Trout

The couple has focused much of their time instructing newbies through magazine articles, demonstrations and lectures throughout the northeast. The Van’s have also authored a book "Ten Flies, Simple Ties," which gives the newbie ten basic flies that can be used on a variety of species while utilizing and reinforcing a few fundamental techniques to tie them.

Jake Villwock


PRO- Trout, Steelhead, and Warmwater

Jake Villwock, Owner and Head Guide of Relentless Fly Fishing, has been an industry professional for over 10 years. Growing up in a commercial fishing family, fishing has always been a part of his life from day one. He gained a lot of his passion watching his father work hard on the water everyday, to just turn right around grab his spinning rod and head out looking for some hungry bass. This passion he witnessed from his dad, is the same passion he shows everyday in the fly fishing industry. He started his career in Sitka Alaska as a deckhand and fly fishing guide in the summer months, and spent the winters guiding dog sledding tours in both Fairbanks Alaska and Deep Creek Maryland. After moving back to the east coast, he wanted to continue his career in fly fishing.

He started working for TCO Fly Shop in both the Reading location and the Bryn Mawr location. He has been with TCO for over 8 years now, and was asked to relocate to the new Boiling Springs location to help get it up and running. Jake loves the spring creeks of the Cumberland Valley and has spent countless days becoming familiar and efficient fishing them. Even though he loves spring creek trout, his true passion is floating down the rivers of PA in search of smallmouth bass on the fly. He has been a guide in both PA and NY fishing for trout, smallmouth, steelhead, and the occasional musky.

After over 8 years working full time at TCO Jake has decided to use business degree from High Point University, and start his own guide business. He will be working directly with TCO as their contract guide service. Jake works with a network of guides throughout PA and beyond, with connections in Ohio, Montana, Michigan, New York, and Alaska. So if he or one of his guides can’t guide you, he will know someone who can! Jake is also an Orvis Signature tier, having multiple flies accepted into the Orvis catalog. He is an author and fly contributor for Easter Fly Fishing magazine, and you will find him as a member of many pro staffs for industry leading companies such as; Hatch Reels, Winston Rods, Native Sunglasses, and Regal Vises.
Aside from a guide service Relentless Fly Fishing has a site you can purchase custom tied flies, and logo gear. You will also find fly tying videos imbedded in the site from his YouTube channel, Relentless TV. JAKE.V117@GMAIL.COM

Chris Warren

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Warren

Endorsed - Flies to catch fish

To say fly fishing is Chris Warren's passion would be a vast understatement. Situated somewhere between the need for sustenance and basic validation; He sleeps, breathes, and eats with a  primal need for that next trip, upcoming hatch, or last cast. Chris ties flies to target all the fish of New York. In particular, trout of the Upper Delaware System and Great Lakes region.

Paul Weamer

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Weamer

Pro -Smallmouth Bass, Steelhead, & Trout

Paul is the manager of TCO State College's fly shop and guide staff and the author of several books. He is also Fly Fisherman magazine’s Northeast Field Editor and the writer of the "East Coast" blog for the magazine's web site. Paul and his wife, Ruthann, currently reside along Penns Creek in Coburn, Pennsylvania.

Joshua Dale Williams


Pro - Dries, Nymphs & Streamers for Trout & Bass 

Josh is an Army infantry veteran who lost his arm in a vehicular accident after returning from Iraq in 2006. He decided to try fly fishing due to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF), and became obsessed. In 2010 he started his own fly tying company and has since had two original patterns picked up by Orvis. He enjoys tying small stream flies for those beautiful brook trout. He also ties and speaks at events and volunteers with PHWFF whenever possible. He has written several articles on trout and bass fishing tactics. If he’s not with his family at home, he’s in the Virginia mountains with a rod or rifle.

Chris Willen


Chris Willen - Pro - Bass,trout(streamers), pike, and musky.

Chris Willen has been musky fishing for well over a decade, from the freestone rivers of the Upper Midwest to the limestone rivers of the Cumberland plateau and most places in between. One of the things he has enjoyed the most is to share the sport of fishing with others. With that, he began Chris Willen Guide Service.

Chris' specializes in hunting wild, native musky in the beautiful lakes, rivers and flowages of northern Wisconsin. A knowledgeable and innovative angler, he can customize a day on the water to match any skill set, from beginning musky fly anglers just getting started in the sport to more experienced anglers looking to sharpen their skills with fresh methods and new approaches.


Leslie Wrixon

Regal Fly Tying Vise -  Wrixon

Pro - Fresh & Saltwater flies.

Leslie is a life-long New Englander who chases fish whenever she gets a break from the tying vice. A self-taught tyer, Leslie has been designing and producing innovative flies for fresh and salt water prey for over a decade.


West Coast US Pro Staff

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Matt Callies


I was born and raised in San Diego, chasing bass in water hazards since I was five.  When I moved to northern California in my early twenties, fly fishing got a solid grip on me and my imagination.  I started tying because flies were spendy, and I moved into my truck because houses are spendy too, and they just got in the way of traveling and fishing.  My truck was overflowing with every material and feather I could get my hands on.  Ready to be reintroduced to civilization (but not ready to slow down of fishing) I became a royalty tyer for Umpqua, a guide and sales rep.  Ultimately, I've settled into working with Loon Outdoors as the Director of Product Development and the host of Loon Live, a live, bi-monthly tying tutorial.  Most importantly, I have a great wife and two little fish bums that keep me going with love and support.

Brian Carson


Pro - Bass & Saltwater flies.

Brian Carson grew up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. His first vise was a Regal Vise and started tying on his Medallion Series vise in 1986. In 2009 he started the UV resin company Clear Cure Goo. You can now find Brian at many of the national fly fishing shows currently tying on the Regal Revolution Vise. He finds that the rotary feature of the Revolution Vise works very well in conjunction with Clear Cure Goo to make perfect heads for baitfish patterns.

Clear Cure Goo –

Pat Dorsey


Pro - Trout flies.

A native of Colorado, Pat has been guiding for over 23 years. Pat is Guide Director and a partner in the Blue Quill Angler fly shop.

Pat is the Southwest Field Editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine. You can find his articles archived here. In 2005, Pat authored the book, A Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River, a complete how-to fly fishing manual for the entire South Platte River drainage. It encompasses a thorough look at each section of the river detailing the hatches and recommended fly patterns for each of the four seasons of the year.

Pat didn’t stop there, in 2009 he authored Fly Fishing Tailwaters, a comprehensive book on how to fish tailwater fisheries. In 2010 a companion book to Fly Fishing Tailwaters hit the shelves, Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies, which is jam-packed with how to tie Pat’s favorite “guide flies”. This book includes 500 step-by-step tutorials, as well as, helpful tips and illustrations on how to rig and fish them.

Pat is an accomplished fly tier and has originated a number of very effective patterns such as the Mercury series, UV scud, Limeade, Cherry-Limeade, Paper Tiger, Top Secret Midge, Medallion Midge and the famed Black Beauty. Although Pat no longer has the time to tie flies commercially, he once produced over 28,000 flies in a year. Pat is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. Pat’s signature flies are available at the Blue Quill Angler. Pat is also a Pro Team Member for Whiting Farms. Many of his flies incorporate Whiting Farm products.


Ed Engle


Pro - Trout Flies.

Ed Engle is an author, guide, and fly tier based in Colorado. He’s especially interested in tying and fishing small fly imitations to finicky spring creek and tailwater trout. Ed’s fly fishing articles and photographs have appeared regularly in newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years. He is a Signature Fly Tier for Idylwilde Flies in Portland, Oregon.

Jason Goodale


Pro - Trout & Warmwater flies.

Jason has been tying flies for over 25 years. Living in the Colorado Rockies has given him the opportunity to chase trout his entire life.  However, Jason’s true fly fishing and fly tying passion is warm water species.  Spinning, stacking and trimming deer hair is Jason specialty. He had the opportunity to travel to Montana Fly Company’s factory in Thailand, and work with their tiers on the art of deer hair work. Jason participates in several tying demos and shows in Colorado each year. Jason is a Fly Designer for Montana Fly Company. Jason’s full time job is a Lieutenant with the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority.

Shea Gunkel

Pro- Trout Flies

Growing up in Canon City Colorado, Shea cut his teeth in the fly fishing world throwing elk hair dries and olive wooly buggers on the upper Arkansas River at the age of 13.  Now that life, fishing, and guiding  have landed him in Colorado Springs, most of his time is spent chasing his beautiful wife, Mollie, as well as the occasional trout along the South Platte River drainage   Gunkel’s “Shotglass Baetis” has been wrecking fish internationally and has become a staple fly anywhere mayflies can be found, which is planet Earth.  These, along with the ‘Radiation Baetis’ and ‘Splatte Roller’, have hit full production mode with Umpqua and are available for purchase globally.  In his spare time, Shea finds himself enjoying long walks on the beach, eating warm cookies, sighting rooting fish, and looking for a chance to stick one in the face.

Bob Jacklin

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Jacklin

Pro -Western Trout Flies.

Bob Jacklin has been a Fly Fishing Guide, Outfitter and Fly Shop owner in the Yellowstone region for over 40 years. He is a world class fly fisherman, fly tyer, and fly casting instructor. Bob holds a Masters Certification as a fly casting instructor, and sits on the FFF’s Board of Governors for fly casting instructions. He has been tying flies commercially since 1963 and is a past recipient of the FFF’s Buz Buszek award for his contributions to the art of Fly Tying. There are few people in the country with as much in-depth knowledge of fly fishing, fly casting, and fly tying as Bob Jacklin. He is a charter member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, on the pro-staff for St, Croix Rods, Ross Reels, Cortland Lines, and Whiting Farms, he is also a contract fly tyer for Upmqua Feather Merchants. On October 23, 2004, at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, Bob Jacklin was inducted into the very prestigious “Fly Fishing Hall of Fame.” At the 2008 FFF Conclave, in Whitefish, Montana Mr. Jacklin was presented with the FFF’s highest award the “Lapis Lazuli” for his life long dedication to the FFF and Fly Fishing. That same year Bob was inducted into the “Headwaters of the Missouri River Hall of Fame” in Bozeman, Montana.

Tim Jacobs


Pro - Deerhair/Warmwater flies

Tim Jacobs, a native of Michigan, is a fly fisherman and fly tyer from the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. He works as an instructor at the Michigan Youth Trout Camp each summer and for Project Healing Waters in Colorado. Aside from published articles and the numerous clinics he conducts, Tim is a Federation of Fly Fishers certified casting instructor who taught Sage Casting Clinics during the 1990’s. He has guided in the Steamboat Springs area and the Roaring Fork Valley. Tim is also a member of the Whiting Farms Pro Team.

Chris Krueger


Pro - Trout and Warmwater Flies

Chris Krueger lives in Colorado where he owns and operates Rocky Mountain Fly Design. Learning the art of fly fishing early in life, Chris grew up fishing Colorado trout waters with his grandfather. Tying his first fly at age 14, he was immediately hooked into the art and craftsmanship of tying flies and using them on the waters he fished. Chris enjoys fishing for trout and warmwater species throughout Colorado and Wyoming, stripping streamers for large predatory fish. Outside of fly tying, Chris is a middle school band teacher, musician, and private brass instructor in the Northern Colorado area.

Carl Pennington


Pro - Trout & Warmwater flies

As a young adult after fly fishing for many years with friends and family I decided to teach myself to tie flies to save a little money. Armed with a vice and basic tools and materials I got started on what would become a life long pursuit of knowledge and skill in the art of fly tying. Twenty five years and thousands of flies later I realized that I wasn’t saving any money bout I had developed a love for tying flies for trout. Fly tying has been a passion of mine and has grown in recent years with my appreciation for Colorado and all the great fishing waters it holds. I don’t travel much and may never fish anywhere else which is fine by me. I’m also a staff designer for Montana Fly Co and Deer Creek Flies in the UK.

Richard Pilatzke


Pro – Warmwater and trout

I live in Littleton, Colorado and have the pleasure of fishing the many prolific lakes of Colorado and southern Wyoming.  I have been tying flies for over 36 years and have tied on my Regal vises for about 30 years.  I like to use my Regals when I travel and have taken them to places like Antarctica, Iceland, Norway, the South Pacific islands, Australia, China, Thailand, Cambodia and many other places. I specialize in tying and fishing fly patterns for lakes.  I especially like to fish adult damsels and dragonflies, all kinds of terrestrials, and chironomids.   The past few years I have done a lot of warmwater fly fishing –especially for bluegills, crappie and bass.


Walt Mueller

Regal Fly tying Vise Mueller

Pro - Trout & Steelhead

Walt Mueller, aka “The Otter” (always in the water and sometimes catching fish!), has been an avid fly tier for over 50 years. Living in the mountains of Colorado, he fishes all the major western rivers from New Mexico up north to Montana plus the Great Lake tributaries each fall and spring for steelhead.
Walt developed his soft and ultra realistic “Soft Milking Egg”® egg patterns over 7 years ago. His materials now are available in 16 different colors of eggs, in 7 sizes; 2 x 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 3 x 6 mm clusters, 8 mm and 10 mm sizes.

Juan Ramirez

Regal Fly Tying Vise Ramirez

Pro - Trout Flies

Juan grew up in Northern New Mexico fishing the small streams and creeks of the Sangre De Cristos. In 1997, a switch to fly-fishing was made and he has never looked back. Over the years, he has guided on the Cimarron River in New Mexico as well as the South Platte River in Colorado. Juan received his first tying kit when he was 15. After a few disastrous "creations", it was put away for a few years. In college at Durango, CO the kit was opened and a new appreciation for the globs of fur, feathers, floss and thread was created. Now after 15 years of tying Juan is an accomplished fly tier. Currently a part time guide for Anglers Covey in Colorado Springs as well as a member of the Montana Fly Company design team,  there are not many seconds that pass without the thought of fishing or tying that go by. Juan runs a blog about fly tying named Hopper Juan. Got Hoppers?

John Shewey

Regal Fly Tying Vise - Shewey

Pro - Steelhead & Classic Spey

Currently the Editor-in-Chief of Northwest/Southwest/Eastern Fly Fishing magazines, John’s annual travels take him all around the west and to his favorite haunts from Alaska to Mexico. John still gravitates towards his favorite summer steelhead streams, where he pursues these noble fish with his elegant flies, which have earned national prominence. John has penned hundreds of articles and published countless photographs in various magazines and to date has authored 15 books about fly fishing and wing shooting.

Jim Teeny

Regal Fly Tying Vise Teeny

Pro - Trout, Steelhead & Salmon

First there was the Teeny Nymph, which he designed at age 16 for large, cruising trout at Oregon’s East Lake.    As he experienced growing successes with his Teeny Nymph fly pattern, Jim began to experiment with different color variations of the fly and was able to have increasing success even on other species of fish.  After keeping the fly a secret for 9 years, Jim started the Teeny Nymph Company in July of 1971.  This was the start-up of what is now Jim Teeny, Inc., the business which Jim and his wife, Donna, now run from their HQ’s in Gresham, Oregon.

Jim has appeared on many television shows teaching and sharing his innovations and techniques with interested fly fishers from all across our land and other countries.  He has authored articles in major fishing publications and been featured in articles by other authors as well.  Jim’s book, Fly Fishing Great Waters, documents the fly fishing adventures of his life with a focus on some of his favorite fly fishing spots in the world.  In 1988, Jim was featured in an award winning video (now on DVD), Catching More Steelhead, produced by Scientific Anglers.

Satoshi Yamamoto


Satoshi Yamamoto - Trout flies, Salmon Flies

Satoshi Yamamoto brought his passion for fly-fishing & fly-tying from Japan to Montana and became the first ever Japanese guide in Livingston, MT.  He a liscensed MT outfitter/guide and fishes big rivers like Madison & Yellowstone, spring creeks in Paradise Valley, and various waters in Yellowstone Park. Hence, with his Regal Vise at the bench, his fly tying interests vary from tiny midges to 5-inch streamers and anything in between. Once his ideas are combined, he goes out for experiments at those near-by waters. His own innovative patterns can be seen at his fly-shop.


Alaska Pro Staff

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Europe Pro Staff

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Andreas Andersson


Predator Flies, Deerhair, Streamers, and Trout Flies

Hello my name is Andreas Andersson and I live in the central part of Sweden.

I tied my first fly and tried casting with a flyrod at a local fishingclub at age twelve, I loved it and got a small flytying kit for Christmas the same year. Fishing in different forms has been a natural part of my life since I was little but when introduced to flyfishing I really found my favourite. Twenty years has past since then and i still learn all the time in this great sport. I have throughout the years tried most styles of flytying and love the creative nature of it.


Sasa Bencun

Trout, Grayling, & realistic flies

Sasa Bencun-Roka has been flyfishing for over 35 years. He is a professional flytyer.  On the international fly tying competitions (Slovenia, Croatia) he has won the highest recognitions for last 12 years.  Sasa won the first place at  Mustad competition  in category  realistic "Ecdyonurus metamorphosis" which was in Norway 2011. On the same year he won the second place in category of realistic grasshopper in Germany. Sasa owns the first flyfishing center in Serbia which offers accommodation, fly-tying  and fly-fishing workshops for  fly anglers.

Joel Bjorn


Joel Bjorn - Pro - Trout, Steelhead, & Catskill Style Flies

Joel is 16 years old an lives in Sweden In Annelund. He has tied flies for 8 years now. Joel ties Commercially for J son of Sweden in Gothenburg. He has tied at the Swedish Flyfishing fair and the Swedish Angling fair for two years.

Xavier Courchinoux


Xavier Courchinoux - Pro - Pike Flies

Xavier Courchinoux lives in Brittany, France. He has been dedicated entirely to fishing for pike for many years and he enjoys talking about his hunt as it is one of his main passions. Xavier can usually be found at the door of the Forest of Brocéliande. He ties a lot of great streamers and also tube flies, with the intention of always having a slight fly to hand! In particular a streamer that will bring out a pike. To fuel his passion Xavier is always looking for new blends and more attractive colours. In the world of a big pike fly the concept of a small hook to Xavier is a 2/0. Xavier’s other passions in life are French visual arts: both still photography and video. Xavier also writes his own blog and records his own videos on YouTube. He welcomes any questions on his fly-tying.

Niklas Dahlin


Catskill Dries and North Country Flies

Since my youth I ave loved fishing, but I truely became a fisherman when I discovered fly fishing. My life as a fly fisherman started with tying flies, tried to fish with the fly for the first time in the summer of 2005, thought it was interesting but nothing more happened than that. During the Christmas holidays 2005 and 2006 I visited a fishing store and they had a beginners kit on sale, felt kind of bored at the moment and thought I could give it a go. Discovered that tying flies was a great recreation, tying flies made me calm and I found it to be a great way to empty heavy thoughts gathered at work. After a while I felt ready to give the more advanced tying a chance. I have tied flies at the BFFI three times before 2008-2010, will never forget that first morning in 2008, I was totally terrified. Luckily I managed to hold it together and found out that I loved sitting tying flies in front of a crowd and show the tyers of tomorrow some of the patterns and techniques from the past. I have also tied flies at the International Flytyers Symposium in the USA and at several fairs in Sweden. I live in Uppsala north of Stockholm, there I live in a house with my fiancé, two kids, a dog and yes I do drive a Volvo station wagon.


David Dowery


David is the proprietor of well-known Northern Ireland Fly Fishing specialist retailer The Fly Box.

He has been absent from the show circuit for a few years but we have managed to coax him out of retirement and for good reason. David has been fly fishing and tying flies for more than 40 years gaining a wealth of knowledge that puts him at the very top of his sport. He is an extremely consistent and fluent fly tier, specializing in practical river patterns that work. As a caster he is without peer in Ireland.

In addition to his local Rivers Bann, Blackwater and Lagan, for the past 12 years David has been fishing the highly technical Henry’s Fork of the Snake River arguably the best dry fly stream in the USA and perfect proving grounds for innovative concepts of design, materials and knowledge that combine into the art form of fly tying.

David embodies the true meaning of fly fishing, is a strong believer in sharing information and we have no doubt you will enjoy ‘‘the craic’’ when you meet him.


Jan Edman

Pro - Trout/Grayling Flies, Classic Dry flies & spiders

Born in the fall 1965, I've been fishing since I could walk. I bought my fly tying tying kit when I was 13 years old. I havea semi-pro fly tyer for 15 years. I´m a member of the Whiting Hackle Farms Pro Team and the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild (I love the look of a "Catskill" dry fly). In 2007 I was the first ( only so far) Swedish guest fly tyer at the Catskill flyfishing center & museum in Roscoe. Im very interested in fantastic history of flyfishing and fly tying...and of course I fish with bamboo.

Arthur Greenwood


Arthur lives in Carryduff near Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a retired Head Teacher. He is a member of the Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors (Ireland) and is Secretary of that group.

Arthur’s area of expertise is in tying and demonstrating traditional Irish lough flies although he enjoys dressing the whole range of Irish trout and seatrout flies including the more modern and innovative patterns.

As an ex-teacher, he particularly likes working with young people and beginners to the world of fly dressing and demonstrates and teaches in this area at all the major Irish Country Fairs and Shows each year as well as selected overseas events such as the Dutch Fly Fair and the FFF Conclave in Montana.

When not tying, Arthur sometimes finds time to actually go fishing! Local rivers and streams for wild browns in spring-time, then the big western loughs for trout at mayfly time followed by a seatrout odyssey on the lakes and rivers of Connemara to end the season.

Since the Irish are not fortunate enough to have grayling as a native species, an annual pilgrimage (or two!) is necessary to England, Scotland or Wales each winter.

Each summer Arthur usually takes a flyfishing visit abroad, often to Montana and Alberta but also to various destinations in Europe including Slovenia and Romania and within the UK.


Ulf Hagstroem

Regal Fly Tying Vise Hagstrom

Pro - Semi-realistic flies for trout and grayling and Pike flies.

Ulf has fished his entire life, but it took a while before he found fly fishing. Fly tying has been almost as big part of his life as fly fishing for the last ten years. He has contributed to magazines and books and tied at a lot of shows all over the world and made many great friends and met a lot of great fish. Ulf's focus is trout and grayling flies with a realistic touch and big pike flies.

Alex Jardine


Alex was raised on a diet of fly fishing and I am pretty sure that Charles Jardine only gave him fly reels to play with instead of toys! Alex has fished for the England Youth Team, representing them at World Championship level over a 4 year period winning a team Bronze and a highest individual finish of 7th in the world.

He has travelled extensively, looking after groups of people and guiding them as well as giving numerous casting demonstrations alongside his father. Alex ties flies for the Partridge pro team, is a qualified casting instructor and writes the "Chalkstream Diaries". He has extensive knowledge of fishing in the American West, East Coast USA, Canada, Iceland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Venezuela and New Zealand.

Alex has always been destined to work within the fishing industry, he spent a period working with Partridge hooks and he has also worked in Robjents of Stockbridge from 2010 to 2012 as a fly-fishing specialist.

Finn Jensen

Regal Fly Tying Vise Jensen

Pro - Fresh & Saltwater Flies

Finn was born in Denmark and has been tying flies for 35 years. He went professional in the early 1990's and has been teaching fly-tying for several years in local clubs, workshops and shows.

Although Finn ties all kind of flies, he has a passion for Cut-Wing Dry flies, Pike Flies and Hair-Winged Atlantic Salmon Flies tied on Tubes. Finn ties his flies in a classic way with a modern touch.

Allan Liddle


Based in Moray in Scotland's North East, Allan has specialised on the wild trout from the rivers and burns, lochs and lochans throughout Mainland Scotland and the Isles.
A strong passion for fishing simple dries he feels there's nothing better than to see the fish take off the top, but isn't slow to fish a range of different styles when mood or conditions dictate.

Although trout is his first love Allan occasionally chases the Salmon, Grayling stocked fish and even dabbles in salt water when the chance arises. Allan is also a GAIA qualified trout instructor and a has been a regluar contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine for over ten years.

Allan writes monthly fly tying tutorials for the Partridge blog.


Dougie Loughridge


Dougie Loughridge is from Glasgow, Scotland. He is a passionate angler and being from Scotland, is spoilt for choice when it comes to fishing locations. A relative late-comer to the sport, he first started fishing around the age of 13 on a small farm pond near his family home, dangling a worm on an oversized hook on crude, old fashioned tackle. However, there was always an accommodating little Perch waiting to engulf the offering….those bristling spines, vivid orange fins and stone-cold, killer’s eyes…..what a fantastic creature. As they say, he was hooked.

As early as a year or so later he started flyfishing for trout, fishing small put and take fisheries as well as some of the larger local Lochs and Rivers. Fly-tying also started around the time he first got interested in flyfishing. As a bit of an artist, the creative side of flyfishing appealed greatly, particularly creating flies for Pike and other predators. In the past few years he has practised this art at FlyFairs in Britain and Europe. As well as having had several Pike over the magical 20lb mark on the fly, Dougie has also featured in numerous magazine publications.

Dougie is also an S.G.A.I.C qualified single handed casting instructor and can be contacted for tuition as well as guided fishing.


Andre Miegies


Hello, my name is Andre Miegies and I live in he central part of the Netherlands. I have fished for my entire live and at least 35 years of it with a flyrod! I started flytying because buying flies was to expensive and The quality of store bought flies was not great.  Flyfishing and flytying became a big part of my life and I still enjoy every second behind the Regal and on the water. I love to tie big streamers for pike and other predator fish but also classic and modern salmonflies and everything in between. Simply I love to create a fly to fool a fish. I have demonstrate my tying already in 9 countries and I hope there will be some more, it is a great way to meet other tyers and flyfishers.


Daniela Misteli

Like most of "us" my Dad infected me with the "fishing-virus" when I was a small girl. Of course we fished mostly with bait in the beginning but when I was 12 he brought me to my first fly-fishing course. I started to tie some really ugly flies with some swan feathers I found and the hair of our dog...
After some years without fishing or tying, but with a lot of girly stuff, I came back to this hobby and started to fish again. After loosing a bet on a pinball machine against my husband I had to tie a hell of a lot of nymphs, and soon after I was spending a lot of time on my vise. Nymphs, Drys, Streamers, Tubes and last year I started to tie classics.
I'm traveling as much as possible for fishing; we've visited Italy, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Alaksa and yearly Denmark. My favorite fish is the Seatrout, catching her on the coast.

Stevie Munn


Pro Fly Dresser Stevie Munn is from Co. Antrim in N.Ireland, he has fly fished all his life and grew up fishing rivers and loughs in Ireland. He is a qualified Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor in Fly Tying and Fly Casting with APGAI-Ireland, and a APGAI fly casting instructor. He teaches fly casting and fly tying to all levels from beginner to advanced and has given lessons at many schools and clubs.

Stevie has been a Professional guide for many years for trout, salmon and a lough run wild brown trout called the Dollaghan which runs his local rivers to spawn, that said he will fish for any fish that will take a fly and also loves fly fishing in the sea. He has won many fly fishing competitions though mostly now fishes for pleasure and he has also won fly casting competitions including 2 Accuracy Casting Championships in England and at the CLA game fair 2011 Stevie helped set a new World record in fly casting which was done for the charity Help of Heroes, 141 miles of fly casting with Stevie setting the high score of 627 casts at distance in 30 mins.

Stevie hosts fishing trips worldwide and can help you if you want to fish many places in the world including Canada, Iceland, Norway and Argentina as well as his native Ireland, North and South.

Stevie flies patterns have appeared in many angling books including Malcolm Greenhalgh’s new book ‘A guide to fishing flies from around the World, Stevie also writes articles in many angling magazines including Irish Angler, Total Flyfisher, Trout & Salmon, Flyfishing & Fly Tying and Chasing Silver of which he is the Field Editor in Ireland.

Stevie has given fly tying and casting demos, at many game and fly fairs over the years, including the CLA game fair in England, Angling Ireland, Irish Game Fairs, Dutch Fly Fair, Rio Grande Fly Fishers in TDF, British fly fair International and The Irish Fly Fair .

Paul Procter


A resident of the Lake District, AAPGAI Master and Wild Trout Trust Vice-President Paul Procter is a dedicated fly fisher. With 30 years experience on rivers, lakes and tropical saltwater fly fishing, Paul is a leading contributor to the UK’s premier publications-Trout and Salmon and its sister magazine-Trout Fisherman.

A talented and innovative fly tyer, Paul’s flies have become recognised as a signature for his many articles. Having spent the last decade travelling extensively throughout Europe, the Americas and Southern Hemisphere, he has gained a wealth of knowledge on many of the celebrated rivers and streams with an intimate understanding of fly hatches and their imitations required to tempt fish. In turn this has allowed him to develop specialist patterns with the opportunity to field test hook models on a range of fish species and ultimately provide valuable feedback. However, having fished the far corners of the globe, his abiding love remains the light line approach on intimate Northern streams, fishing North Country spiders (soft hackled flies) and dry flies. Here the rivers offer such diversity that Paul has honed all fishing disciplines on systems like the Eden, Wharf and Ure.


Chris Reeves


Some of you may have met me at the British Fly Fair International, The Spring Flyfishing Show, at The Fly Dressers' Guild evenings, or perhaps at a European or American fly show. Others of you may have fished with or against me on the riverbank, lakeside or more likely in a boat during the “Loch Style” competition season, or in friendly outings run by clubs like Fishing For Fun. I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember and flyfishing for over 25 years. The world of flyfishing fascinates me, and as family and friends will testify, I’ll take every opportunity to fish for trout, salmon or other species, on rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or the sea, in the UK or other parts of the world ... Fly tying was a logical progression from flyfishing, so I started tying flies almost as soon as I began to flyfish, learning from books and from exchanging ideas with other fly tiers. I really enjoy the challenge of developing and tying new patterns, and then making sure they work. Well, you have to, don’t you? In 2006, Whiting Farms signed me up as a member of their Fly Tying Pro Team, giving me access to some fantastic materials which I hope to be able to share with you from time to time. In addition, in May 2010 I completed the Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guides course at Clearwater Lodge in California, USA. Since retiring from the Metropolitan Police in 2008 after 33 years of service, I’m able to dedicate more time to fishing and flytying.


Paul Slaney

Paul counts himself lucky to live in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales on the banks of the River Usk, indeed it's a perfect testing ground for his flies with the river a short walk from his home. A little further afield he enjoys night fishing for Sea Trout on the west Wales rivers.

Over the past 25 years Paul has combined his interests of Travel, Photography and Fly Fishing and taken them all over the world in the pursuit many species of fish. His fly fishing experiences are many and varied but he feels most at home on the bonefish flats of the Caribbean.

Paul ties flies for many species of fish. He enjoys teaching and sharing his skills and experiences through live demonstrations at clubs and shows both at home and internationally, as well as through photography and social media.

Joe Stitt


I Started fishing in the late1940s as a schoolboy with worms. I graduated to flyfishing as a teenager and after a long period of trout fishing became a purist in my pursuit of trout, fishing dry fly first choice and upstream nymph as a close second, as described by one of my heroes - Frank Sawyer.

I started to tie flies at one stage, these were very crude to say the least, probably due to lack of tuition in those times. This led me in later life to want to achieve better standards and got involved with instruction, first though STANIC in Trout and fly dressing. These two diciplines inspired me on to APGAI with Gaia, AAPGAI Master in Tout and seatrout, APGAI Ireland Trout and Fly Dressing and Federation of flyfishers CCI and Masters in single casting instruction.

My actual fly fishing has taken me to most of Europe in pursuit of trout and grayling, Salt water fly fishing in Florida, in the sea of Cortez for Roosters, Bonita and Dorado, the Pacific for Sail fish and Marlin with the climax of my career fishing for Browns and Rainbows in New Zealands South Island at least once and sometimes twice per year over a thirteen year period. This experience has made a very big impact on my fly dressing opinions



Ad Swier


Pike, Sea Trout, Predator Flies

 Artist, illustrator, author, fly-fisherman & tier as well as the founder of the Dutch Fly Fair, Ad has worn many hats through his impressive career.
Ad's work has been featured in various exhibitions, by the N.I.C. (Dutch illustrators association), at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, where he has won several prizes over a period of years. His paintings of birds and fish often set amongst moody clouded skies that seem to drift over you as you look at the work, have proved very popular.
As a photographer, he has photographed fashion, landscapes, and natural history in addition to fishing scenes. His work is now sought after to compliment articles in magazines and books etc.
As a writer, he is now in considerable demand both in continental Europe and the U.K. In 1997 Ad was honored with the award of 'Pike Angler of the Year' by the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain & Ireland. His pike fly patterns as well as his innovative barbless hooks have gained him the name “Mr. Pike” throughout Europe, England and Ireland, which he considers his second home.
His latest book, “Passion for Pike” has achieved worldwide acclaim.

Dave Wiltshire

Based in the Chew Valley, a few miles South of Bristol, Dave Wiltshire is a AAPGAI Advanced level instructor. He is also a Marryat Rods pro-guide and a member of the PARTRIDGE International Pro-Team.
Dave fishes all over the country targetting Trout and Grayling with the fly, finding himself mainly fishing the beloved chalkstreams of Southern England. Whenever he can though, he'll be chasing salmon, sea-trout and bass with the fly as well.

Dave's approach to his tying is based on efficiency: trying to get the greatest effect from the minimum of materials. A regular contributor to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine, Dave has tied and demonstrated at major shows in the UK and abroad, sharing his passion for all aspects of fly fishing.


Canada Pro Staff

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Maxime Beaudoin


My name is Maxime Allaire Beaudoin also known as MaxMab FlyTying. My first experience with fishing was back in 1991 when I was just 1 years old. My dad loves fishing so he took me with him even when I was very young - probably too young to fish but it started there. Years after years I started fishing with my dad more often and the passion start to grow.

At 20 years old I was reading about fishing and I started looking at Fly Fishing but it was almost winter and not really the time to start fly fishing here in Québec, what with all the snow and the 8 inch ice on the river!!!! So why not try and learn Fly Tying .... I didn't even know if I would like it but who cares, I knew inside me I would fall in love once more with my passion.

So, I started by buying a vise, some gear and some feathers and I tried to learn by myself on the internet with Step By Steps. At first I though 'what have I bought? .... I can barely tie anything decent' but I didn't stop, fly after fly asking for help on fishing forums, Youtube video etc and I started to get better and better, always trying to push my skills to reach perfection - my idea of perfection.

The winter was finaly done and it was time to try all the flys I had made, and once again the deception 'wow it was hard to cast ... In my fly fishing video it looked so easy - why its not???' Again I learned by myselft asking for help on the internet and forums, and day after day I was practicing my cast on the river without catching anything! The fish probably saw my cast and didn’t want to bite that haha!! But one day I caught my first fish and it was a small bass not even 1 pound but wow that feeling of catching a fish with your own fly was amazing.

Now here we are 4 years later living my passion everyday, trying to tie atleast one fly per day and waiting every winter to end so I can start fly fishing again.

Im so proud to join the Family of Partridge of Redditch, it will help to grow my passion to another level.

Jacques Héroux

Regal Fly Tying Vise Heroux

Pro – Atlantic Salmon – Hairwing and Featherwing

Jacques is a commercial Atlantic salmon fly tier from New Brunswick, Canada. He fishes and guides mostly on the Miramichi and the Restigouche rivers. Over the years, he has had a few of his salmon flies published in magazines, books and Web site, wrote some articles for magazine and Web site and won some International Fly tying contests. Recognized for his fly tying skills, in 2009, Jacques was inducted into the NB Atlantic Salmon Hall of Fame. He has just published a new book; Salmon Country: great Atlantic salmon Rivers from NB. It is obvious the he would have also qualified as an angler, conservationist or teacher of the salmon world.

Jerome Malloy


Pro - Atlantic Salmon Flies

Jerome is from New Brunswick, and is renowned as one of Canada’s most prominent fly-tiers. His superior Atlantic salmon flies have been sought after by both collectors and anglers for many years. His eye for detail and proportions, along with an exceptional skill at the vice has earned him a reputation as a master tier. He is a two- time consecutive winner of the World Fly Tying Competition sponsored by the Federation of Quebec Salmon Association. In addition to his many awards, he also claimed both the Mustad International Open Fly Tying Competition and the Ontario Out of Doors Competition.  In 1995 he was credited with the Federation Quebec Atlantic Salmon and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, a Master Tier and is inducted in the FQSA, Fly Tyer’s Hall of Fame.

Sylvie Malo-Clark


Pro - Atlantic Salmon Flies

During the fishing season you will find Sylvie angling in eastern Canada for the Atlantic salmon and brook trout mainly on the Miramichi, Cains and the Restigouche rivers. She is a volunteer with the Fish Friends program sponsored by the New Brunswick Salmon Council. As a guest fly tier and speaker, she specializes in Atlantic salmon flies both hairwing & full dress. She has also been featured in the exhibit “A Graceful Rise; Women in Fly Fishing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” at the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester (VT). She is on the board of Directors of the IWFF and enjoys sharing her love of fly fishing with anglers all around the world.

Phil Rowley


Pro - Fresh and Saltwater

Phil has been fly fishing for over 30 years.  His love of fly fishing has taken him across North America. Phil has authored three books, numerous articles and two regular columns.  His first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters is a best seller.  In addition, Phil has four instructional DVD’s.  Phil was a member of the gold medal winning team at the 2007 Canadian Fly Fishing championships.

Phil speaks at outdoor shows fly clubs and conducts fly-fishing schools across North America.  He also guides on the lakes near his Edmonton area home. 
Phil has appeared on a number of T.V. shows and is currently a co-host of the New Fly Fisher.

Bill Spicer


PRO - Coldwater Flies

Bill Spicer was born the fifth of six children to Alvin and Florence Spicer on the tenth of August 1952 in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Bill has been fishing for more that 45 years. He discovered fly-fishing 30 years ago and has never looked back. Bill is now an accomplished fly tier, author, guide, lecturer, and teacher and is an FFF Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor.

Bill is also the Host of The New Fly Fisher Television Show and is a regular writing contributor to The New Fly Fisher E-Zine with his casting articles. Bill is a passionate angler and a fixture on most area streams and symposiums, lecturing and at tying tables. Bill has been tying and teaching fly tying on a Regal Vise for years. His best advise to a new tier is to not waste your money on a cheap vise.  Buy a Regal Vise, and you will only have to buy once.

South America Pro Staff

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